Jul 04, 2018

We’ve got a shiny new website!!!

We felt like it was time for a rebrand and Small Batch is now Small Batch Design. We just wanted to take a minute and talk to you about the process, how and why we decided to hit refresh!

Why Small Batch Design?

We are creative folk at the heart of it, whether it’s designing websites, strategy or systems. We have to think big, think outside the box and design what works for you and your customers.

Moving with the times.

Beautiful, moving, responsive websites with textures and layers are the way to go. It’s what we build every day so our site needed to reflect that.

Additional Services.

We’re putting together an exciting set of new packages for new websites, maintenance and hosting. This should make it easier for new clients to stick to their budgets and existing clients to save money! Win win!

Change of focus area.

We’ve officially moved! After years of working with all our fantastic clients in Moseley and Kings Heath, Birmingham we’ve shifted our address. Birmingham is full of creative entrepreneurs and we love it!

Through many long hours, one broken laptop, 3 lightbulb moments, too many cups of coffee to count and a visit to Ling’s Cars… it’s here! Small Batch Design has arrived!